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The PHILOSOPY of understanding the investment in YOURSELF & our PRICING STRUCTURE

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself” – Warren Buffet (an American business magnate, investor, speaker, and philanthropist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway)

My services are an investment that you make in yourself – be it Resume writing & LinkedIn optimization, or career coaching or interview coaching! I expect my clients to make or save more money than it costs to engage me. That’s a grand thing for me to believe. It counts for nothing if my clients don’t believe it. I want my clients to see specific value: a return on their investment.

Consider the résumé writer who produces “CUT RATE” OR “CHEAP” résumés at very low cost. He/she can charge less because his/her labor is less. But his/her brand will be defined for him/her—by his/her clients (whose “CUT RATE / CHEAP” résumés keep them from the best jobs) and by perspective employers (who recognize OVERUSED & UNORIGINAL writing when they see it). His/her brand is cheap.

It only gets worse. Others in the industry would never refer a client to him/her. Because he/she has no new ideas, he/she never contributes to the literature, you never see him at professional conferences. If his work didn’t reflect so poorly on our industry, he/she would be irrelevant. That is why greatness in what you do is never negotiable. While “cheap” isn’t something we want to be associated with either, it does remind us about the levels of investment we set and the value we deliver. Here is an example –

Let’s say I write a package for an executive who is currently at INR 18 LAC annual salary and is expecting an INR 24 LAC annual salary. I quote INR 12500 for the résumé. Each week my prospective client remains unemployed costs him the INR 11506 (approximately) he didn’t earn. Hence the concept of investing in yourself.

One of the ONLY 44 Worldwide Certified Master Resume Writers (CMRW) from CDI (USA)

A Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) from PARW-CC (USA)

Winner of India 500 Startup Awards (2019)

Winner of Global E-Commerce Company (International) 2020

– Archan Trivedi, CPRW

What’s behind my success? An exhaustive analysis of your personal brand, plus social media tips and an SEO optimized LinkedIn profile that put you in front of top employers.

Your INVESTMENT is of prime importance and includes individualized collaboration with me during your Resume Branding Strategy Interview (where I’ll ask detailed questions on your career success and goals), plus a UNIQUE RESUME that I build to showcase your UNIQUE SELLING and VALUE PROPOSITION – helping you gain employers full attention! You work ONLY WITH ME at every stage.

My guarantee of professional resume writing services comes with these exclusive privileges

50 percent discount on lncareer

50% Discount for a Valued Repeat Clientele

100 percent satisfaction

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

top tier document storage

Top-Tier Document Storage Support for Life

unlimited revisions

Transparent, Responsive Communications with an Unlimited Email Support

transparent responsive communications

Unlimited Revisions for 1 month

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