Why Does One Need An Executive Biography?

Majority of professionals are aware of the need for a professional Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile to market themselves. However, there are additional career documents that professionals should avail themselves of to promote and foster their career. One recurrently overlooked and neglected powerful career document is an Executive Biography.

What is an executive biography exactly?

An executive biography is a one-page document that narrates your core values, brand attributes, career history and achievements, considering your current goals. An executive biography is a marketing or a networking tool and not a resume, so it should not be written or read like one. It is a story-based version of your professional life. It is necessary that your executive biography maintains an even portfolio that is supported across your entire executive portfolio Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile.

Why do you need one?

Your executive biography is the substructure of your personal branding toolbox. As there is rigid competition in the market and for you to stand out or differentiate, it is essential that you have a well-tailored executive biography that highlights what makes you unique. Your professional executive biography exhibits a quick overview of what sets you apart from the crowd. To stay professional and credible in the eyes of potential clients and employers, you do need an executive biography.

Here are some important tips to be considered for building an executive biography –

  • Be creative while writing your executive biography and tailor it according to its marketing purpose.
  • Describe your career path in a story telling format and weave your leadership approach into the story.
  • Highlight your unique value proposition, industry awards and honours, or any recognitions you that have received for professional achievements.
  • Include short statement reflecting your executive vision for the company or personal business philosophies. Let your passion and philosophy shine.
  • Include a professional photograph of you at the top of the page.

Executive biographies are always third-person narratives. It should contain detailed information about your leadership abilities, key professional accomplishments and major contributions made in previous positions. An executive biography should showcase your passion for your work and relevant career achievements. For instance, Improved production; Increased revenue or sales, etc. You are free to highlight the bits of your career you are proud of and omit anything that is not of much help. As a story, you can throw in interesting snippets about yourself, thus injecting some personality into your executive biography.

Executive biographies are no longer only for authors, musicians, celebrities, or politicians. Anyone having an online presence across social media can benefit from one. A carefully crafted executive biography is a versatile tool that you should not easily discard from your career marketing collateral. Having a unique executive biography is more than just a nice-to-have option for your career advancements.

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